Irit Ambar - The Producer

Irit Ambar, one of the most renowned media giants in Israel

Began her career in media and television in IBA (Israel Broadcast Authority) as assistant director, head producer and researcher producer. Amongst many, she worked news broadcasts, sports shows, culture magazines, children shows and drama series.

As she retired, after 22 years in Channel 1, she joined the team that established Channel 2- "Keshet" - the first commercial television channel in Israel. There she was the production manager for dozens of shows.

Later she went to establish another new channel- "Bip" (Israeli Comedy Central equivalent), where she served as CEO for 5 years, building it to become one of the most popular channels in Israel.

Going back to "Keshet", she took on the role of the executive producer of the company at its very beginning, overseeing all productions and directing its path while creating its flagship shows.

As the company's CFO she ran all communication with outsourced suppliers, oversaw long term contracts and managed all company's departments' finances while maintaining the company's vision and creating organisational unity.

After 7 years as CFO, Ambar retired and started her own production company. This company creates television content in the form of life style magazines, entertainment shows and documentary features. The company also produces content for online media.

Eliezer Yaari - The Director

Eliezer Yaari is an accomplished Israeli journalist.  A Jerusalemite from birth, he served as a fighter pilot in the Israeli Airforce and went on to work at the Israel Broadcasting Authority where held a variety of positions including director of programming, chief news editor and anchorperson. While at the IBA, he produced, directed and edited numerous news items as well as lengthier documentaries.

Eliezer was selected to participate in the prestigious Wexner Fellowship at Harvard University and upon his return to Israel assumed the position of director general of the New Israel Fund. For over a decade he devoted his time and energy to human rights issues and the advancement of civil society in Israel.  In 2010, Eliezer returned to the world of journalism and his work is featured on a variety of platforms including broadcast radio and the Internet. 

An avid photographer, Eliezer is a member of the JDOCU group and his photographs have been exhibited in several exhibitions. He is also the author of numerous short stories and several books. His fourth and most recent book "Beyond the Mountains of Darkness" chronicles a personal journey in the Arab neighborhoods near his home in both photographs and text and highlights the delicate network of connections that exist between the residents of different areas of Jerusalem.    

The 55 minute documentary, The Optimists, is Eliezer Yaari's latest artistic endeavor.

Shai Alon- Original Music

Born and living in Tel Aviv Shay Alon is a Guitar player, Composer, Music producer & Educator.

Shay has played in numerous ensembles, concerts, festivals, albums and recordings, with a wide variety of artists from diverse musical genres, in Israel and internationally. In recent years, he has also toured the world with the successful Israeli-Palestinian singer-songwriter Mira Awad, including her mutual worldwide tour with Achinoam Nini (Noa).


In recent years, Shay focused on composing original music and creating numerous soundtracks for film and documentary.

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